Below are the steps I utilize in creating your E-Commerce Website.

Start with well used, well supported software
When developing your e-commerce website, I exclusively build with WordPress and the world's leading WordPress shopping cart tool, WooCommerce. Both of these are well-tested programs that receive constant updates and improvements. When developing your website with Wordpress, I'll ensure your database is incrementally backed-up, furthermore, that it is updated to the latest version of your database software. In turn, this allows your Wordpress website to function at its best.

Think Through the Options
An online cart is not a simple application. There are many features - some built-in, some available as add-ons, and some that require custom coding. I work closely with my clients to define these parameters in order to reduce the chance that your site doesn't quite do what you need it to.

Looking to incorporate PayPal or Stripe within your website?

Need to implement an SSL so your customer's information is secure? Send me an email and let's discuss your options.

Apply add-ons from trusted vendors
Whenever possible I use WooCommerce branded add-ons. These are developed by WooCommerce themselves, for maximum compatibility and reliability.

Style and Code
Nothing is ever quite right out of the box, and on many occasions, what's desired is a truly custom creation. Not a problem - I can do everything from pro-level graphic design to custom-coded applications that sit on top of and within a WooCommerce framework.

Depending on what's on my plate, your e-commerce project can be completed in as little as five - six weeks. If you have any concerns, I encourage you to contact me for a more specific time estimate please, for what's on my plate varies constantly. A project seldomly exceeds five weeks though, meaning the whole project can be done rather expeditiously if I have everything I need to complete your project promptly.

To receive a custom E-Commerce quote, use the link below to send me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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