My name is Charles, founder and owner of APASID. I'm a Montana-based web developer specializing in various facets within the web/technology world, including but not limited to web development, S.E.O., logo design, custom programming, branding, graphic arts, photography, videography and many other web/graphic/technology-related services. I simply have a knack for technology and I thoroughly enjoy providing logical and solid solutions for individuals and businesses seeking the services needed to succeed.

In addition, I am CompTIA A+ certified, for life; this means I can troubleshoot, fix and streamline almost any technology device you have. I've worked in the technology/web sectors for close to twenty years and tend to be a little borderline-obsessed with the customer experience and a bit fastidious and thorough when coding/programming and/or implementing solutions within the technology and web world. I started the web journey in my early college years - circa 1997 - at a time when it was absolutely necessary to learn and apply the foundational languages (e.g. HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.) needed to create websites. There were no shortcuts and there was no "drag-and-drop" interface to do the work for you. One either understood the languages or one didn't, I understood them and still do.

I deliver what you expect - and maybe a little bit more - but absolutely nothing less. I will provide the solutions that work effectively and deliver the results you desire, fact.


I understood at an early age that there will always be issues and/or problems in every realm of life. I also knew there was a 2nd part of this equation, "For every issue and problem in life, there is at least one solution waiting to be implemented", hence, where the acronym APASID (All Problems Are Solutions In Disguise) is derived. Having worked in the web and technology field as long as I have, it's quite necessary to approach all related issues/problems in this manner. I've a mindset that is quite cerebral, technical and rather thorough in nature, which is why I think the field of technology suits me quite well.


Although I've been developing websites for close to 20 years, this doesn't mean my knowledge of the technology and web world is stuck in the era in which I began my journey. I started developing websites at a time when individuals in the web field actually needed to learn, understand and then hand-code/program the sites we were developing. This ensured we knew the foundational languages in which the websites were built upon. Furthermore, if certain parts of the website were "broken" or needed to be re-coded, we had the knowledge and expertise to jump back into the code of the website and fix what was "broken".

Fast-forward twenty years where technology has evolved to a point where building a website can be as simple as "dragging & dropping" items around the website until it suits your needs. There are numerous individuals who are simply "draggers and droppers". I am not one of these individuals. I don't "drag & drop" when developing your website, I never have and never will; this route is extremely lazy. I choose not to as my approach provides a more customized, hands-on & personalized result. I develop, program, customize & personalize every website I create, in addition, I have never and will never outsource any of my tasks; everything is done in-house and under one roof. This allows for better quality control and to ensure your project is completed to your ultimate satisfaction. If I can't provide the service you seek, I won't do it and I will tell you that I can't; the bitter truth is a better pill to swallow than a sweet lie. I'm not here to take more coin out of your pocket by false-advertising my services, I'm here to implement the solution(s) you're seeking by providing the services I can and will provide you, fact!

I hand-craft websites from scratch, create/develop starter websites, all-in-one-page websites (numerous sections contained therein), landing-pages, e-commerce websites and many more. Furthermore, I've vast experience developing websites using the popular CMS platforms (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.). I've administered and assisted in developing corporate websites, reservation websites, nutritional websites, realty websites and all their relative intranet and social media related websites. I understand the languages, the application of said languages and the necessary foundational structure of the web world to deliver the results you desire, fact.